Upcoming Auditions

Join the City Park Players family – come and audition for a show!  All CPP auditions are open to everyone – both experienced actors and first-timers!  We love to meet new people in our community, and we’d love for you to join us!

Anyone interested in working backstage (set construction, set painting, stage crew) is also invited to attend an audition – we’d love to chat!

August: Osage County

by Tracy Letts
Directed by Alana Pate

AUDITIONS:  Saturday, September 16 at 10am  &  Monday, September 18 at 6pm


Winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Drama
Tony Award for Best New Play
2023 Richard Gwartney Series Selection


August: Osage County centers around the Weston family, brought together after their patriarch, world-class poet and alcoholic Beverly Weston, disappears. Holed up in the large family estate in Osage County, Oklahoma, tensions heat up and boil over in the ruthless August heat. Bursting with humor, vivacity, and intelligence, August: Osage County is is both dense and funny, vicious and compassionate, enormous and unstoppable.  


CAST: 7w/6m


Beverly Weston – (45-60’s) Beverly is the patriarch of the Weston family, a semi-famous poet and academic.

Violet Weston – (45-60’s) Violet is Beverly’s wife, a strong but cutting woman who has been diagnosed with mouth cancer and is addicted to pain pills. 

Barbara – (25-40’s) Barbara is Beverly and Violet’s oldest daughter who lives in Boulder, Colorado with her daughter Jean. She is separated from her husband Bill who is having an affair with one of his students. 

Bill – (30-50’s) Barbara’s husband, a university professor.

Jean – (Teen) Barbara and Bill’s 14-year-old daughter. She smokes cigarettes and pot, loves old movies, and is a little lost. [Please note that this character is a victim of a sexual predator and partakes in marijuana.]

Ivy -(25-40’s) The middle child of the Weston sisters.

Karen – (25-40’s) The youngest sibling of the Weston trio. 

Mattie Fae – (40-50’s) Violet’s sister. Married to Charlie, and has a tendency to boss everyone around. 

Charlie Aiken – (50-60’s) Mattie Fae’s husband, thoughtful and understanding. He was a close friend of his brother-in-law, Beverly Weston.

Johnna – (20-30’s) Indigenous caretaker that Beverly hires just before his death. 

Steve – (30-50’s) Karen’s fiancé, a shady businessman. [Please note this character is a pedophile and does make aggressive advances towards a young  character.]

Sheriff Gilbeau –  (25-40’s) Used to date Barbara in high school. He delivers the news that Beverly has been found dead.

Little Charles – (25-40’s) The son of Violet’s sister Mattie Fae and is named for his purported father, Charlie Aiken. 

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CPP Audition FAQs

Where are auditions?

  • Auditions will be held in the lobby of Kress Theatre – at 1102 Third St, downtown Alexandria.

How should I prepare?

  • All CPP auditions are cold read auditions, which are auditions where you come in with nothing memorized; you will receive the material on arrival at your audition.

  • Do a little research of the show to become familiar with the characters, time period, and story.

  • Be punctual and adaptable!

How does an audition work?

  • When you arrive, you’ll be asked to complete an audition form. The show director will assign parts to everyone and you’ll read through excerpts together.  The director will most likely ask you to read more than one part.

How long will it last?

  • About 1 hour.

When will the cast list be finalized?

  • Within 2 weeks of the audition date.

How much does it cost to be in a show?

  • Nothing!  CPP is a community theatre and we don’t charge a production fee for cast and crew.

How can I become more involved with CPP?

From Board membership to front of house, we’re always searching for people who are interested in taking an active role with CPP.  Send an email to and let us know how you want to help. We’ll be in touch!