Daddy's Dyin', Who's Got the Will?

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Hearn Stage at the Kress Theatre

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by Del Shores


City Park Players is pleased to present a Texas comedy by Del Shores, entitled Daddy’s Dyin’, Who’s Got the Will?. Directed by Jim Leggett and Michael Dalme, this production opens on May 23 at the Hearn Stage in Downtown Alexandria. 

Daddy’s Dyin’, Who’s Got the Will? is a fast-paced comedy with a touch of sentimentality, crazy characters and laughs along the way. Family patriarch Buford Turnover has one foot in the grave, and his children can’t wait to get their hands on his will. The roost is ruled by Mama Wheelis, who doesn’t hesitate to express her many opinions, while sisters Sara Lee, Lurlene, and Evalita throw verbal mud at one other. Their brother Orville, his wife, and Evalita’s hippy boyfriend round out the group of personalities. Centering around the dysfunctional dynamics of the Turnover family, this comedy shows us that when family’s involved, there’s never a dull moment.


REVIEW: "Set in a small Texas town in anytime, U.S.A., Daddy's Dyin' concerns the reunion of a family gathered to await the imminent death of their patriarch, who has recently suffered a physically as well as mentally disabling stroke. In essence, however, it is not the story of the impending demise of the father or of the drafting of his will, but of a rebirth of the spirit of the family unit. Without becoming ponderous, losing a sense of humor or pandering to timeworn cliches about Texans or Texas drawls, the story shares many elements of a good summer novel: it's a fast, delicious, easy read with funny moments, tense moments, touching moments, and characters you care about." -The Hollywood Reporter

Directed by:
Jim Leggett & Michael Dalme

Diane Falcone as Sara Lee Turnover
Becky Stewart as Lurlene Turnover Rogers
Theresa Louviere as Mama Wheelis
Rebecca Rowlin as Evalita Turnover
Matthew Force as Harmony Rhodes
Brian Ferguson as Orville Turnover
Don Stewart as Buford "Daddy" Turnover
Alecia Lewis as Marlene Turnover

Hearn Stage at the Kress Theatre
May 23 - June 2
Thur-Sat at 7:30PM
Sunday at 2:30PM

Ticket Pricing:
Thursday : $5
General : $15
Senior (>60) & Military : $12
Students : $7

To purchase tickets in advance, visit:
Tickets will be available 30 minutes before each performance in the Kress Theatre box office.


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